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We offer a great variety of packages for couples!

Couples Packages
"The couple that relaxes together stays together, right?"
- Quote by Annalise Mantz and Laura Lanz-Frollo.
July 31, 2017 in TimeOut New York Magazine 

Swedish/Deep Tissue couples package:
70 min/$190 (org$230)
90 min/$230 (org$270)

Couples Aroma couples package:
60 min/$250
Relaxing massage with lavender essential oil infused into the strokes.

Couples Flower bath package:
100 min/$350

Enhanced Couples Flower bath package:
180 min/$580
A three phase treatment beginning first with an aromatherapy body work, followed by a gentle sea salt scrub. Then you will get to soak in a rose petal, essential oil bath. Enjoy a glass of wine/champagne alongside. Your skin will glow and you will feel extremely relaxed.

Singles Packages

60 min Deep Tissue/Swedish + 60 min Deep Pore Facial.......$180

60 min Lava Stone + 60 min Deep Pore Facial + 30 min Reflexology.......$210

Three is Company
75 minute massage +15 private time with wine...$350
Customized for 3 girls or groups of 3 in the Sunset room. 
Enjoy a massage first and have a chat afterwards with wine! Optimized for a relaxing day out. 

Double Date Package:
75 min massage + 15 min private time...$390
Have a massage double date with 4 people in the Sunset and Moonlight room! Enjoy wine or champagne afterwards! 

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