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We are a spa and tea bar situated on the beautiful Upper- East side neighborhood of Manhattan. We specialize in health and beauty, offering body work, facials, salt scrubs and more. Top it off with servings of variety of teas, we aim to make your stay a relaxing and enjoyable one. We're open to couples, singles, even families who want to get together to relax.

Appointment and Cancellation Policy:
Please call us to make an appointment. We cannot guarantee there will we availability for walk-ins. We require a credit card number and expiration date in order to hold the appointment. Our cancellation policy is 24 hours so if you need to cancel free of charge, please call us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Please arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment. Because appointments are booked back to back, late clients may require rescheduling if there is not enough time to complete the appointment.

Noise Level:
Please keep voices down and turn cellphones silent or off. We want every client to have a tranquil, relaxing experience.

Medical Conditions:
If you have any medical conditions such as surgical procedures, joint problems, or allergies to any essential oils, please let us know.
We do NOT do prenatal massage on certain days. If you are pregnant (especially in the first trimester), you must call us to inform us of this. 

All of our therapists are female. We do not have male therapists. Therapists can be asked to adjust pressure for those who want more or less pressure on their body treatments.

For our body treatments, you are required to remove all clothes except for underwear. You will also be covered with a towel.

Gratuity is not included in the as part of the services. A gratuity of at least 15%- 20% of the original price is customary for each service. We prefer cash tip and will supply envelopes with the therapists' names for their tips. Tip is paid upfront on the receptionist desk.

The Couples Spa
212 988 8688
320 east 65th street New York NY 10065